23 Jun

VSCode and TSLint tasks

I was trying to get full project linting to happen using the TSLint Visual Studio Extension, but it currently only does one file at a time, for the files that are all open. To TSLint the whole project you need to setup a VSCode Task.

Installing Required Packages

npm install -g tslint typescript

Settings Up the Task

  1. In VSCode hit F1 and type task
  2. Select “Configure Task Runner”
  3. Select Typescript

In the tasks.json file add the following

    "version": "0.1.0",
    "command": "tslint",
    "isShellCommand": true,
    "echoCommand": true,
    "args": [
      "--format prose",
      "--project ${workspaceRoot}/tsconfig.json",
    "showOutput": "silent",
    "isBackground": true,
    "problemMatcher": "$tslint4"

Run the task in VSCode, the output will show in the output tab and in the Problem tab as well.

Happy Linting.